A Plea From A Cat Named Tint

Hi, my name is Tint. I am a 11 year old black medium haired kitty.
I was born in the Bay Area California & lived with my original parents for awhile. Then one day they kicked me out & never let me back in. I had to look for food and shelter all on my own.
I found a home at the Humane Society of Silicon Valley, where I lived for a year. I was a favorite among many of the volunteers. I made some of them cry the day I was adopted. I am even featured in their newsletter!
But let's back up for a moment here. I did not weigh very much when I came into the Humane Society. I then started to develop a runny eye and pain in my mouth. I stopped eating & was really depressed. They soon discovered I had a disease called Stomatitis, a very painful gum disease. My bottom teeth were removed in December of 2011.
Little did I know that my new mom & dad would come rescue me at the end of December. When I met both of them, I immediately was rubbing against them & was happy to get pets from them. I was in for another great surprise, the trip home! We drove 10 long hours from Milpitas, CA to Portland, OR. We stopped here & there, we went through windy roads & down some steep hills. I was pretty tired of the ride but held up pretty good.

I was really happy to be out of my kitty tent (thanks Ann Charlotte & John) once we reached my new home. I was ready to explore! The first night at my new home was a bit stressful, I was so used to being in a small area at the Humane Society. Over the next few days I grew accustomed to my new owners & my surroundings. Then, the pain started coming back in my mouth. I stopped eating, I was really timid & I didn't want to be around anyone.
So, my owners thought the best thing to do was to take me to a vet to see what was going on. (Thanks for the comfortable carrier, Beckie).
My owners were very proud of how I behaved at the vet's. But this is when my parent's got the news that I was having another flare up of my Stomatitis. My gums were really swollen. I got a pain shot, steroids and Amoxicillin to help alleviate the stress & pain. I was to be seen again two weeks later to see if there was any progress.
Well, we went back to the vet & they looked at my teeth. There was no good news. The vet feels some of my roots are left from my previous surgery & are still effecting my gums. As well as flare ups in my top teeth. The worse news, I have to undergo surgery to get all of my teeth removed except my canines.
When my parents came to see me at the Humane Society for the first time they realized I needed to a part of their lives. They saw a lovable cat in need of attention, comfort & stability. While my parents love me a lot (already) they simply cannot afford the surgery on their own. The estimated cost of my surgery is $780-$1180.
I'm simply asking you, friends, family, strangers for any donation to James & Sofia. My lively hood & well being solely counts on this surgery. If I do not receive this surgery I will not only be miserable but will show that in unkind ways. I will have to forever be on medication that may not even help take away my pain.
My family understands that EVERYONE is going through tough times right now. We don't expect much, heck, we even hate HATE asking for help. Even if you can't donate just the fact that you are supporting us by reading this message helps us through the tough & stressful times. If you can donate $5.00 or $40.00 or $100.00, we greatly appreciate it!
Please use the PayPal Donate button below to enter in your contribution. Don't forget to give us your address!!

*UPDATE* 8/2012
I have had my surgery! It went as smoothly as possible. I went back to eating a day after the surgery. It's been quite a great journey for me. I've been to the vet almost every month since December 2011. I seem to be in constant sickness, sneezing & runny eye. But it's nothing that's life threatening. I am so thankful to everyone who has donated! I'm also so thankful that people ask me how I'm doing all the time. I've truly found my forever home.

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