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So, you may wonder what Fia(pdx) is...well, my name is Sofia aka Fia. I live in Portland, Oregon aka PDX. My nickname & town abbreviation equals Fia(pdx)!
I was born and raised in California, the Bay Area to be a bit more specific. An undying affection for beaches grew in California along with love for my niece & nephew. I then moved to Seattle, Washington for a bit of a change & fell in love with all the small neighborhoods. I did not fall in love with the weather. At the beginning of 2011, I made yet another move to Portland, Oregon in pursuit of happiness. I made the decision to go back to school for Child Art Therapy and to make crafting my full time job. Portland has shown me a great time so far!
Right now, I still work part time as a nanny to a very wild bunch of boys. I am in school full time working towards my MA. I have two awesomely cute and funny rat boys, Ponce & Yeti (RIP). I just planted my first garden. I love going to garage sales, fabric store (I have an addiction), listening to music and cooking. I am also a HUGE nerd, I like a lot of sci-fi & monster things.
I've always had a creative spirit further influenced by a super crafty mom. While she taught me how to sew on a machine, I taught myself how to hand sew just about anything. I also am a self taught graphic designer and photographer, I started that almost a decade ago. (My how time flies). Other creative endeavors I have pursued are writing, drawing and painting.
99% of my products are made with Eco Fi Felt (100% recycled from post consumer plastic bottles & also Vegan) and reclaimed/upcycled materials. I also try to recycle all of my mail packaging. I truly believe in supporting local businesses & products. I love getting fabric and other items from family and friends. Also, I completely handsew everything I sell, I do not use a sewing machine!

Would you like to see the website? How about where to shop for Fia(pdx) & Fia(pdx) Design? What, you love Fia(pdx) so much you want to follow on Twitter & Facebook!? How about a quick conversation?
xoxo Sofia
Here are some pictures I have taken that perfectly depicts adventures in my life...
Some Good Tasting Craft Beer

Ponce & Yeti

Easter Egg Creations

Darth Vader Lamp & Prints


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