Paying it Forward

On June 22, 2005 my family & I lost my papa to Pancreatic Cancer. He was a brave soul all the way through the end. The immense support of family, friends and his co-workers made our transition slightly easier and comforting. I am so grateful for all the love we received from everyone during those times. And through those who continue to love, support and care for us.
As a way of dedicating my resources to others, I have decided to come up with a new product lined entitled, "Mustaches for Benefit". These mustaches of different colors each represent an organization/charity. My first two are purple (Pancreatic Cancer) and pink (Breast Cancer). With the each sale I will donate 40% of the proceeds to said organization/charity.
Click to buy - look in "Mustaches for Benefit" section
It is my hope that with these donations it will ease the pain for those who have suffered from losing a loved one or going through cancer themselves. With each organization/charity I donate to I know that everyone's dollar is working towards a cure, a supportive network for those who are experiencing cancer and may other things. 
Please take a moment to view the listings. I would really appreciate it! Also, check back for different organizations and mustache colors. I hope to be donating money to animals, children, etc.


Etsy Love

It's that time of year for weddings! It's lovely seeing all events surrounding weddings. I love seeing wedding parties on the water front in Portland. Here's my little dedication to those weddings & the traditions they hold.


Etsy Love

I received some Etsy love today!! Megon from Yonder choose my "I Heart Beer" magnets as a feature for Father's Day! Please take a moment to stop by the blog, comment & follow them!

Thanks, Megon!


Oh Happy Day Goes To Paris

There is an AMAZING giveaway happening right now at Oh Happy Day. It's probably one of the best contests I have ever seen! It's a trip to Paris in an amazing hotel, Mama Shelter. I truely want everyone to have an opportunity to win this amazing prize!! So go enter RIGHT NOW. Contest ends in 8 days!


My How Time Flies

 It never fails to amaze how quickly time slips out of my hands. Despite endless planning, scheduling, setting priorities straight...it's always *POOF* gone! It's funny how life constantly throws off your well oiled machine.
So, I decided to look up some tips for staying organized and time management. This image pretty much says it all!
This is probably the most important piece of advice for me: "Commit to eliminating from your schedule all the activities that didn't make it into the "important" stacks. If you have time after doing your important and urgent things, use it on important but not urgent activities. No matter how pressing something may seem to be, if it's not important, just don't do it". I often get lost in other things while I am supposed to be focusing on the important! I lose track of time by browsing on Etsy, flipping through TV channels, photographing another item that does not need to be photographed. It's so easy for me to see something "shiny" and go straight for that. Essentially I am doing this:
  • Postponed promoting new book to raise money for research on Down syndrome.
  • Canceled client meeting to bake my daughter's birthday cake.
  • Blew off e-mail to chat on the phone with dear friend.
  • Blew off e-mail to volunteer at local methadone clinic.
  • Blew off e-mail to exercise.
  • Blew off e-mail to bathe.
  • Blew off e-mail to sleep.
  • Blew off e-mail to sense a theme developing here.
A seemingly simple task to prioritize was/is not happening for me. Blowing off sewing to take a picture of something else, is not good. This leads to me even forgetting about my sewing project. HUGE NO NO. So, taking the tips I receive, I am supposed to "...follow your life's guidance, you may have to reassign some seemingly important things to "unimportant." If you believe that pleasing your horrible boss or having a spotless house is a higher priority than playing with your children or sleeping off the flu, be prepared for a long and strenuous battle against destiny."
 I am eager to see if I can stick to a plan. I'm eager to see if I will write down my priorities. I'm eager to see if I can post those priorities before divulging into something else...First things, first...Finishing this blog post & backing away from the laptop.
If you'd like to see more tips and read the article from Martha Beck, it's right here!
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