Memorial Day

Memorial Day

There's no doubt that we know or have known of someone serving in the military. My heart goes out to the families that have someone over seas. May positive thoughts reign through the oceans to your loved one! 
We are lucky to be apart of this country. Everyday I'm thankful that I have the resources to be able to craft, eat, sleep and live comfortably. Not many, even in the US, have the means to do that. I am lucky to have a never ending support system. 
So, here's to those who fought for our "freedom"!
Recipes found here

 There is a beautiful collection of crafts on Martha Stewart for Memorial Day & Fourth of July. Here's a few pics...

pic name

pic name

pic name


Sloth Saturday

A Sloth is one of those creatures that I think are magical, whimsical and almost make believe. So, I thought I'd share some of my finds around the interwebs.

Catbird Creatures
Berkley Illustration
Peaches Products
Isabell's Umbrella
Mary Mary Handmade

Last but not least! A super cute video!


Music Love Affair

This is a playlist made by me! It's a few of my favorite bands that I like to craft to (especially). Enjoy!


Around the "Office"

When I moved to Portland (OR), I was SO happy to be in a two bedroom apartment. I knew exactly what the second bedroom was going to be for! I loved the idea of having a space just for my crafts & office..And well, a place to do my homework. Here's a few pictures of how I adjusted my second room to house my crafts. I also converted a part of my living room for printing and packaging.
View from the entry way of the second bedroom.
The guest bed is on the right.
Silver eraser board from Target It usually has a list of all the most important things to do & other dates. My craft show banner is made by LittlePut Books, which I absolutely LOVE!

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