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When I moved to Portland (OR), I was SO happy to be in a two bedroom apartment. I knew exactly what the second bedroom was going to be for! I loved the idea of having a space just for my crafts & office..And well, a place to do my homework. Here's a few pictures of how I adjusted my second room to house my crafts. I also converted a part of my living room for printing and packaging.
View from the entry way of the second bedroom.
The guest bed is on the right.
Silver eraser board from Target It usually has a list of all the most important things to do & other dates. My craft show banner is made by LittlePut Books, which I absolutely LOVE!

Very left: 4x4 photo of snow in the backyard, Left: handmade Hello Kitty ears, Middle: inspirational card from my mom, Right: hand drawn cute penguin by my boo, Far right: "You Need a Pug" card
One of the many piece of furniture from Ikea. I love this desk because it has a pull out drawer for extra storage.
I use old mugs for keeping all my writing/drawing utensils.
One of my first photography series, "Garbage".
Both pieces of furniture are from Ikea. I love looking at all my colorful fabric and felt! I use the mini drawer to organize a plethora of things like glue, glitter, needles, etc.
Close up of my mini sewing machine (I never use) found at Goodwill
This hanging organizer is from Ikea. I label old shoe boxes with what supplies are in it.
Bookcase from Ikea used as my work station for printing and packaging. Paper and misc. supplies are kept on the shelves. This is mainly an "art" bookcase. I have my scale, printer, packaging, envelopes, business cards & tags all on the top.
Darth Vader lamp found in New Mexico found at Savers. A few of mini prints (4x4) ready for shipping!

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