Paying it Forward

On June 22, 2005 my family & I lost my papa to Pancreatic Cancer. He was a brave soul all the way through the end. The immense support of family, friends and his co-workers made our transition slightly easier and comforting. I am so grateful for all the love we received from everyone during those times. And through those who continue to love, support and care for us.
As a way of dedicating my resources to others, I have decided to come up with a new product lined entitled, "Mustaches for Benefit". These mustaches of different colors each represent an organization/charity. My first two are purple (Pancreatic Cancer) and pink (Breast Cancer). With the each sale I will donate 40% of the proceeds to said organization/charity.
Click to buy - look in "Mustaches for Benefit" section
It is my hope that with these donations it will ease the pain for those who have suffered from losing a loved one or going through cancer themselves. With each organization/charity I donate to I know that everyone's dollar is working towards a cure, a supportive network for those who are experiencing cancer and may other things. 
Please take a moment to view the listings. I would really appreciate it! Also, check back for different organizations and mustache colors. I hope to be donating money to animals, children, etc.


Laurie said...

Sorry for your loss. These mustaches are very creative- and its wonderful you are donating for a great cause!

Your newest follower,


Ajax said...

Hi, I found you via PDX Etsy team. Sorry to read about your loss. I hope you are well, and that your pay it forward idea is a huge success.

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