Wowza. My blog has been beckoning for my attention for a few weeks now. As summer has officially appeared in Portland, my life has been one event after another. Not to mention that I am working around 40 hours (instead of part time as originally planned) in which I come home exhausted. In anycase, I have been buckling down creating new things & hopefully applying to some holiday craft shows.

I just discovered this excellent inspirational, motivational quote from Ira Glass. It speaks to all creative people & entrepreneurs. I love it!
This has given me inspiration to re-vamp my website, create new things for both my shops. I've been designing new buttons at Fia(pdx) Design & new print at home options. And have been brainstorming new plush products for Fia(pdx). I hope to have a freebie coming up soon & I hope to host some giveaways.
I'm also super happy excited to announce another blog called, Only in Portland, in which users submit photos/stories of their experiences in Portland. I'm definitely an advocate of keeping Portland weird. This is all in good fun of course. So, if you're a fan of Portlandia or live/work/play in Portland please check it out. I'd love to hear stories and see pictures!
Here's to summer, y'all!


Ajax said...

This is a rad quote! I can totally relate to summer being distracting, Portland is lovely right now!

inkstrand said...

That's a really good quote and so true. I've found myself working recently to close that gap in my jewelry work as well as my photographer. Thanks for sharing!

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